About David MacMurchie 

  At Richard Chane Bagpipes, we proudly feature the pipes of David MacMurchie as our flagship make. At games and band meetings, though, we often hear the question, "Who is this man who makes such a high quality instrument -- we never heard of him."

It is true that MacMurchie pipes are not as well known as the factory produced brands, and the reason is simple. This is a two man (father-son) workshop which produces made to order pipes in a small woodworking shop in Mid-Lothian, Scotland.

David (nicknamed 'Blue') MacMurchie was born in 1957 in Western Australia, a third generation piper. Grandfather (Archie) emigrated from Dundee (Scotland) in 1924, and began teaching the young David the art of wood turning and pipe making when he was 12 years old. At the same time, Davids father, John Stuart MacMurchie (P/M 16th Btl. Cameron Highlanders) taught him the art of playing the pipes.

At age 19, David left Australia to serve as a piper in the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards (of "Amazing Grace" fame). As a young piper, his ambition was to be the first native born Australian to achieve the Pipe Major Certificate at Edinburgh Castle.

Following his army career, he returned to Australia to become the instructor of the Western Australia Police Pipe Band (5 years) during which time he received the Advanced and Instructors certificates from the Australian Pipe Band College (1985).

He started his own business under the name "Scotssound Australia" making bags, reeds,chamber and small pipes before returning to Scotland in 1990 to set up his business which expanded to become 'MacMurchie Bagpipe Makers of Edinburgh' in 1993.

In Scotland David joined the Lothian and Borders Police (formerly the Edinburgh City Police) pipe band for 4 years and then the Black Bottle Whiskey pipe band - both grade I bands.

Over the years, David has competed as a soloist with grade I bands and judged piping competitions in Scotland, Australia and Hong Kong. He has attended the Senior Pipers Course in Edinburgh Castle (1977) and was recommended for the Pipe Majors course from which he graduated in 1983 with a double "A" pass ('A' for music writing, theory and history; and 'A' for practical playing), having studied with some of the premier teachers in Scotland. He was awarded the Institute of Piping 'Senior Teachers Certificate and the 'Graduate Certificate', thereby achieving his long held goal.

As good as his piping is, it is not for that reason we are so proud to represent him, but rather the obvious care and workmanship which goes into his pipes.  The handsome drones produce a steady, sweet sound, and his chanter (his own design) ranks among the finest available on the market today.  The low gloss finish on the wood shows off the grain to its best advantage and is not subject to the chipping and crackling so often seen with other makes.

Being a small, family run operation, David is also eager to comply with special requests from our customers, and to 'customize' his pipes when asked.  Requests such as putting a hallmarked, engraved silver sole on the chanter; imitation horn rather than imitation ivory on the mountings; various choices of bag (or no bag), covers, and cords, installing universal valves in blowpipes etc.  It it is possible to do, David is eager to do it; he takes pride in meeting the needs and desires of his clients.

David gives an honest estimate of time required for each order and has always shipped ahead of schedule. Once when a band was just getting started and needed 10 long practice chanters very quickly, David worked extra days to help me keep this customer happy and called me on a Sunday night at 11 PM (his time) to announce that he had just finished the order and would be shipping them the next day.  This is the nature of the man who makes these excellent pipes - a real professional with respect for the traditions of piping, the craft of pipe making and wishes of his clients.